Production Support for FMCG industry in Russia


At SG Industries, we don’t just provide consultation and design your new production site. We bring your business and production platforms to life. A key component of our success in this is our willingness to share our more than 15 years market-specific Russia expertise in production with your management and staff. From offering best-known methods to providing insights into unique and effective production opportunities, our role as consultants to the industry infuses valuable customer perspective and progressive development thinking into the process and local needs.

What we’ll Do

Our consulting experts are the face of SG Industries. We’ll provide expert consulting to SG customers to help them design, plan, lead the project and start up of new and supporting existing production sites with market competitive performance, infuse the standards of the customer and GMP into the development process, and offer key education and training to support the local production organization achieving increased efficiency, safety and sustainability of their production plant. Additional for costumer’s who look for contract manufacturing in Russia we master the complex research of local market and provide you a full package of local subcontractors with full service and flexible production. With our more than 15 years’ experience we have the appropriate answers to the wide-ranging requirements of the multinationals companies and local industry and we will guide you through all needed processes until your product is delivered in the requested quality and quantity to his destination.