Local production of your semi-finish and finish goods

  • Local market research
  • GMP Audits
  • Implementation of clients or International standards
  • Implementing clients processes
  • Adapt equipment to client’s needs
  • Support contract company to produce the by client requested quantity and quality
  • Performing pilot-trials for finish product approval by client
  • Performing first production at contractors
  • Full service from advising until successful first production,

Successful implementation of client production at contractor with SG Industries

  1. Starting on a green field – the creative search for the appropriate contractor and solution
  2. From the broad to the fine – provide further detail only for agreed upon levels
  3. Involve client and contractor
  4. Clarify terms of reference – what are we talking about?
  5. Define and clarify all terms
  6. Precisely define quality – what is to be delivered?
  7. Structuring – on the basis of content matter
  8. Focus on the milestones for integration and synchronization of processes
  9. Anchor compatibility in client culture and identity
  10. Management agreement on content before implementation
  11. Start on a pilot project – then leverage these on new projects
  12. Time and space for implementation

Nowadays, many tools are at our disposal for modelling processes, just as for visualizing, controlling and reporting. The challenge consistently comes from effectively implementing processes in the contractor’s company. With our long term and unique know-how and special methodology, the SG consultants ensure success.